On noise as resistance to rapidly developing embodiment technologies – Choreotech

On noise as resistance to rapidly developing embodiment technologies – Choreotech

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Just may have dropped the mic at #choreotech 🎤And moved that people held space for it (last image is a passage from la paperson aka K. Wayne Yang's A Third University is Possible (must-read. Full text free and online) texted to me by a conference participant after I spoke). . . Breakout sessions after lifted up the notion that we might design to refuse to participate through creating noise (algorithmically stifle the development of AI so to speak or confuse what is being developed). .. Working to recover some of what I said as a separate post. Here's a bit of the intention: . 👨🏾‍🎤We can refuse to participate. We can slow our roll. We can listen and insist we wait until we can establish trust through a focus on restitution for communities who bear the brunt of violence and together design community centered systems. We can design to resist harmful technologies because we know they carry hundreds of years (indeed millenia) of violent bias. It starts with a practice of infinite compassion love and generosity for our own bodies as an extension of those that belong to people we are taught to hate – that all our bodies are in intimate dances always. We have such great capacity for love. Let us practice it truly. . 🌼🌸🌿voice certainly getting stronger though my heart is pounding madly as it ever does when I choose to take the mic in such unscripted ways. Felt all the ancestors who ever stood up for their communities speak through me. driven because of all the testimony Im grateful to be given by people who are fighting at the front lines who bear the most violence by state sanctioned technologies deliberately corralled with great barriers to access. . And friends who demystify these systems 🤹🏾‍♀️ . #yesthatfirstimagemightbeathirsttrap #workingwhativeneengiventomessageliberation 💀but also. The body is all we have to experience life. And our bodies decidedly offer us the chance to experience a human version of an animal life. 🤷🏾‍♂️so I conclude this is an appropriate image for a post on a dance and tech conference. Me playing with shadows in the bathroom taken on an iPhone two months back for the purposes of sharing on insta when the right moment arises.

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