In Divine Company
Contemporary Temple Dance for social justice activism

In Divine Company is a Boston based, activist dance company with a contemporary temple dance aesthetic.

IDC’s movement narrative – Contemporary Temple Dance – fuses temple dance with contemporary urban and abstract dance theater to create an invigorating blend of physically intense and politically astute performance work.

IDC’s movement narrative also calls for a rebuilding of “dance music.” Musicians and dancers deconstruct classical Hindustani and Carnatic styles, and collage Americana with hip-hop, poetry with taal, industrial and found sound with the powerful rhythmic traditions of the Asian Diaspora.

In Divine Company is a movement experiment exploring the diasporic identity by:

* allowing for the reinterpretation of the classical within the contemporary by retelling old stories into a modern context.
* exploring story-telling as a performance tool for activism.
* rooting into a classical form that is “foreign” and therefore compelling to American audiences and thus ideal for subversion.
* battling orientalism through engaging new digital media.
* addressing social justice issues of identity, caste, gender, sexuality and the body politic from a decidedly contemporary lens.

In 2015 In Divine Company was called in to design and facilitate movement-based healing workshops by local artists and organizations supporting survivors of violence. We are deeply honored that our dance-work is manifesting in community in this way. To this effect, we are opening a praxis-centered approach to developing our future dance pieces.

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  1. Judy Faust says:

    I am so honored to have the chance to videotape your first amazing show! Reading your website, the program, and having a chance to edit the show to create your video, your tv access show, and snippets of the best for this website, I am more and more in awe of what you all have done. I hope you like the results so I can do more shows with you!

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