Concept behind Wearable Ceremonial Vessels #WeedstoWear

Concept behind Wearable Ceremonial Vessels #WeedstoWear

Performance + Installation this Sat 10/20 Noon-3pm Mass Art Green Arts Fest North Godine Gallery

cw: going deep. reflections on genocide

During this time of harvest, people who grow gather foods for feast and revelry. during this time too some empire people burn effigies of indigenous leaders of the past who their people subdued and displaced violently to grab and extract land and labor. these past weeks as an empire person i’ve been reflecting on a practice of making ceremonial vessels from landscaping waste to help me acknowledge the spiritual legacies of those who my direct lineage harmed through leveraging the systemic violence that is caste and asking my ancestors what all they did to usher in the psychic violence that comes with turning to empire that their descendants for the most part perpetuated and continue to struggle with.

These vessels welcome the spirit of people still in this world who move me but with whom a friendship was not possible after all. i wonder how much of these lost friendships are due to the psychic violence that devastates communities – so much of the violence internalized and regurgitated as pathways passed down from violent legacies. these sculptures hope to embody our complex legacies, and yet, insisting on living in ways to honor dignity foremost seems absurdly so simple and one that i know i can think on because of the privilege gathered from such violence.

I believe in multiple truths. I believe too that truth saying is relative until we can commit to ultimate Truth (truth with context) that the Buddha refers to as Dhamma. Truth without context is still a person’s truth and relative, but it is Truth situated in the context of greater human history that allows freedom fighters to fight with such conviction. We must hold fast to glimpses of this Truth as we uncover it in our lives. The suffering from pride doubt and delusion can only be relieved by this Truth.

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