Dois Apsaras @ Cloud Club Benefit Concert “Internationalia” Org – Sat 8/25

Dois Apsaras @ Cloud Club Benefit Concert “Internationalia” Org – Sat 8/25

Trained in classical Indian temple dance forms, Pampi and Melissa break from the sculptural forms of their respective trainings into improvised movement, testing the bounds of formal dance education and the desire for liberated movements. Together, they are Dois Apsaras.

Dois Apsaras opened and closed Org last night.This is our closing piece with Michael Dwan Singh on sarangi

We danced our set throughout the night ;) What an awesome lineup ! (see below) – more pics and videos will be inserted as I collect them ;)

The event took place in the gardens behind Cloud Club. By last light, the gardens – with standing torches and ornate lamps, circuitous cobblestoned paths, and lush greenery on stepped elevations – evoked those of art deco times.

Guests were quixotically attired and bubbly, joyously dancing or sincerely talking about the beautiful work being presented on various patches of green and rug. The music was intoxicating and the late summer green filled the air with fragrance.

The most glorious vision from this stunning night was Singer Mali – sweeping down to a floating balcony in a gorgeous white gown with dark velvet straps, serenading guests below, a bullhorn in hand.

Our performance at Cloud Club was part of a benefit concert for local artists who just lost their home to fire.

Live Art from the Event by Kristilyn Stevenson of zombie romance
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Dois Apsaras
temple fusion dance “Alarippu” blessing dance

Crystal Bright & the Silver Hands (Greensboro, NC)
kaleidoscopic sonic cabaret

a film by Jesse Schmall

Dois Apsaras
temple fusion dance to Panda Bear ‘s “Slow Motion”

Singer Mali
your Org head mistress

Bury Me Standing
Balkan gypsy dirge-core

Emperor Norton Stationary Marching Band
raucous and rambunctious Eastern European vagabond steam punk

Dois Apsaras
temple fusion dance with Michael Dwan Singh on sarangi

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