ACCEPTED! Fog x FLO Application

an Ensemble Collaboration for Fog X FLO with Pampi (dancer) + Mattia Mauree (composer)

Here is our approved proposal for this amazing initiative with Nakaya.

Interdisciplinary form includes dance, music, fiber, poetry and song.

Create visually and musically flowing work that explores nuanced conversation with the landscape, with each other, and the tension and release of finding each other and ourselves when the way is not clear

Fog is liminal, fringe and absolutely morphs the concept of slower-changing semi-permanence – both with respect to time and geography. A metaphor for land and spirit.

Only one thing is ever certain in our lives: we must remain present to navigate life and that the fog of our lives is momentary – sometimes scary, sometimes magical – always necessary for growth and that it too shall pass.

community, performance and education

Theory + Praxis
Piece developed with background research in ancient navigation techniques as embodied practice.


Our team would include
+ violinist + composer, Mattia Mauree
+ flautist, Michon Neal
+ 3-4 dancers (depending of budgeting support) + choreographer Pampi

Please note: We primarily center low-income QTBIPoC performance artists

Facilitating audience engagement
We hope to feature an interactive element with the audience that will be borrowing from a meditative movement and song initiative Pampi facilitates in community named AbunDANCE (recipient of Boston Opportunity Fund).

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