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A Reflection by Pampi, Founder + Artistic Director

I have been developing a contemporary version of temple dance for the past ten years that is rooted in its complex histories. We acknowledge the complex history of colonialism (both European and Hindu) in what we know as temple dance that ultimately was born as repressive economic sanction on women (compelled to live as courtesan/ sex workers) who were and remain low or out of caste (Dalit); we acknowledge the more recent (continued and violent) history that allowed temple dance to be acceptable for upper-caste people (like myself) to perform.

#danceexperiments searching ways to bring out discussion and reduce harm though there’s always that risk mistakes will be made

instadancedocumenting my choreography process on instagram as I recover from illness. #nomirrors

#improv #heartbeatoflife #existence #afavoritetrack Improv is survival is of the moment therapy an escape from mundanity vs choreography a labor of love a labor of vision of some means living within means and flourishing abundance engaging community in visioning better futures through profound reflection #tallorder #contemporarytemple

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