life in empire is absurd

life in empire is absurd

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Life in empire is absurd. Such a very few of us have means it can be argued we should never have. The experience of living in and visiting places from where first peoples have been violently displaced. First peoples who today remain barricaded from their sacred places by thorned walls and alienating policies. As a transplanted person my opportunities come directly from a continued legacy of such violence in both the place of my foremothers and the place I remain a wounded child. Holding space for these histories. Every place is contested including those that make up my physical person. As a culture worker I weave these glimpses of truth knowing deeply my newfound and lifelong understandings are born off the worst in human organization and have come to me due to survivance of indigenous and displaced indigenous peoples. Workshopping #communityabundance in front of el volcán del lago de Coatepeque #harmonizing #adaptedchant #ommanipadmehum #tibetanchant #usimperialismisglobalterrorism #firststeps #wellnesschant #leaningontibetanspiritualpathways #pali #mayyouhealinloveandlight #moh1n1attam #t3mpl3dance video documentation by @christy_gast #meditativedancesong

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