My choreographic voice – Pampi

My choreographic voice is a story-telling voice. My choreographic voice comes in song, dance, poetry, play of light, shadow and childhood games. My choreographic voice manifests the tempest within, wrestling with, struggling against and visioning joyful dreams despite the genocidal human cultures without.

How I generate movement:
I generate movement by listening more and more to the inner child and making good on making time when she wants me to move. She wants me to move and through moving move others so she can have playmates to act out stories with.

I activate my body through wanting to illustrate a line of poem that comes to me or new music I find to suit a mood I’m in.

Movement Philosophy:
We all are in bodies that hold our spirit. No matter our challenges if we are breathing we are moving. I am in a personal practice to nurture my fullest movement potential. And I want to help activate others to as well – to each of us find and share how our bodies hold our souls however they come in whatever moment. Dance is resistance. Dance is liberation.

We live in a world that has been designed by our own hands to be systemically punitive to the wellbeing of many communities and now has revealed itself to have devastating environmental consequences. Given my positionality as someone who carries an oppressor identity and benefits from destructive social cultures by way of my middle class privileges, I have decided that I will no longer lean on conceptual and esoteric manifestations of art. The world cannot afford me to waste time on irony and sarcasm (however mucch I delight in it) when these methods serve to minimize the severity of the situation humans are facing today. I will instead truth-tell, myth-bust and reveal pathways I find through explorations in the dance drama form (and indeed any talent I have at my disposal) towards responsible joyfulness.

I want to create a culture of intimacy, where our communities know each other – particularly their dancers and feel comfortable asking and supporting us to perform regularly.

What might it mean for an audience?
I want anyone watching to resonate viscerally as much as I am with the urgency of why I am performing in the moment. It takes so much to perform in this world I don’t want either myself nor people watching me to take the moment for granted. I want it to be an opportunity for an exchange beyond holding space where we might talk or even move together briefly.

What kinds of situations do I present work in?
I want to present dance in the everyday and working to choreograph in public -present at the street corner, as I cross a cross walk, parks; work out songs at cafes and courtyards. without permit. Guerilla style. The few times I have done it, it has been both terrifying (as a person who is read as femme and with color so often policed) and exhilarating.

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