On importance of formal training opportunities – Pampi

As my training in dance was in a niche form and often interrupted by scarcity of community, opportunity or resources, I was unable to develop a studio practice early on. I have still not been able to take a substantial choreography class and continue to lean on my practical understanding of dance dramas I gleaned from childhood productions I was in. I know how to identify messages that need to be communicated, write the narratives that would most effectively engage diverse audiences, manifest my vision through collaboration, event planning, and experimental labs to work out components such as costuming, lighting, song-making and capture improvised movement. Still, the essential grammar is missing (and with it the confidence) that would support flourishes of technical brilliance that make dance that grips beyond the visceral. Thus, over the past ten years I have put together shells of choreographies. Now I must finally face choreography. Find and learn from masters what are best practices, condition my body so I know what it takes to develop a core that allows me to overcome my fear of hurting myself and so I can translate these learnings to the forms I am developing and to the people who want to dance with me. Lion’s Jaw took a chance on me this past year and it was my first time being in a nurturing space of dance makers from whom I could really learn to just move. I focused on a contact improvisation course so I could get comfortable moving intuitively with other bodies closely. This course will help me get dancers to move closely together. Temple dance is often features many dancers moving as separate entities. Ina contemporary form I’d like to see more contact.

I know so profoundly how much my confidence in choreographing would benefit particularly from the choreography workshops that center best practices.

I hope through such courses to make the choreographic shells that are my productions full out more robustly with choreography I can be confident performing, showing and bringing together my team around in replicating and learning so they too can create dances confidences in collective with me.

Labs on business practices would help me to learn the most effective current industry standards to communicate the confident new productions we will be making.

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