On Pacing

On Pacing

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Took me two years to move to this track. Even moving to this piece is all kinds of complicated #lateblooming #beneaththesurface #alicks I'm thinking about why I share what I share – almost 10 years back after 10 years of v little art making i began a website to log art I began to challenge myself to make for myself in order to engage it as a healing tool regularly. in fact after all these years it's kept me making art only when health (in all the ways) comes first. Implications are #nocareer perhaps. but I'm surprised how much I've been able to make that i do get some compensation for #notinanysustainablewaybutstill. It comes in waves. I've noticed it's whenever I lose my wonder or gratitude that I get disconnected. When I think I'm in a good place. But skipping a daily healing practice is like skipping meals. Not good for us in the long run. Here I'm grateful to the beautiful place I live shaped by the hand of a beautiful roomie. I'm also grateful i made myself move after sitting in the dark for many evenings to cool down the place and not agitate myself into a migraine. Always struggling to make myself move from places in my mind that bind my body #ittakesalongtimetooccurtome #justmove #lifelong

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