On Risk-taking

Our commitment to accountability through community process is perhaps our biggest risk and the single most important aspect for not only this work but our lives as artists – to remain faithful, present and continue holding space when the work inevitably becomes challenging. Moving in a good way begets courage.

Artistically, through our labs, we push ourselves to regularly interface diverse media and genres, as we understand that it is only through such experimentation that novel pathways to liberation might be uncovered. A common understanding amongst company members is that each of our approaches to this process (which appears risky and innovative) has been critical for our survival through moments of extreme duress. Vulnerability is a touchstone of our work.

Limited funding and infrastructural support means we’ve all been developing our work in pieces. Having our dreams supported on a larger scale would significantly affirm the work we produce and ensure we get future support so we can continue to offer quality programming for the greater Boston area. We would view such support as not just developing Reconciliation but an investment in our collective vision.

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