On the Precious Body of the Crocodile

20131124-200824_c“for me, the crocodile represents ancient powerful knowledge

it can be used to benefit humanity or destroy/control/stifle it

priests can therefore be seen as crocodiles….

likewise, the dancer may be such a medium

the dancer has the potential to be a spiritual warrior

i believe the fighting skills were deliberately removed from dance training so the dancers could be controlled and used by the temple

if dancers were trained properly, what dancer would submit her body to a king or priest or temple client?

fighting skills does not mean necessarily fighting on streets: it means having confidence in yourself

who would mess with you if they knew you know how to fight and fight well?

just knowing that you know you can defend yourself would make an attacker think twice

think about all the conquest stories. it was the fighting people who held off enemies who may have had far superior arms

it is the knowledge that someone knows they can take care of themselves that is the most terrifying prospect for an oppressive systems… like patriarchy and caste.” – Pampi, Director


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