On the reciprocity of growth – Pampi

What makes me grow?
Dance chooses me. That inner child pushes me to do right by dance. So I push myself to grow. Despite lacking infrastructure for my form.

Owed to the nature of nature and nurture, so far, in order to be seen, my dance has been more spontaneous and improvisational. And as I’ve learned, these too are my strengths. I innovate within my limitations.

Tools I am interested in adapting and adopting include:
Confidence in the grammar of choreography, best choreographic practices, more creative ways to block movement and story

Administratively, I hope to learn how to translate delegation to building a dance collective as a practice of investment as community building
As a dance company, cooperation and shared leadership are key themes. Formalizing the company as a sustainable cooperative provides residencies and space to experiment — as full-time artists that want to give back to the communities that support us.

Current strategies:
I hope to remove a perceived limitation each time I perform. Battle fear through conditioning.

I have committed to formally training more so I can challenge myself to know my body’s fullest range and capacity – so I can learn how my body learns and explain this to my dancers and community so they too can know their bodies more fully and confidently and in a way that feels safer

What personal tactics might you recommend to a friend looking to adapt/adopt?
As a popular educator and improviser, I can offer how to take an impulse or intention to move into a solo dance that is ready to perform in six hours time.

I can demonstrate how to take something in popular culture that needs change and adapt it into something that might be useful to the community.

I know how to relate dance as self care. How to prioritize dance no matter what. It is how I am overcoming chronic illness that before treatment would immobilize my bones. And part of the cure was moving anyways.

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