Pampi, Founder, Choreography Lab

what are your artistic Influences?

Main performance influences include: street dance; radical puppet theater; folk art and performance traditions (R. Tagore); Baul (L. Fakir); Bhatiali (Nazrul); surrealism; classical Indian dance (Bharata Natyam, Mohini Attam, Chhau); Indian martial arts (Kalaripayuttu); capoeira; Natya Sastra (2500-year-old Hindu dance theater text); Performance Art movement (Jonas, Scher); community theater games (Boal); magical realism; improvisational dance (Simson); acro yoga (Acroyoga Montreal); avant garde music; performance as resistance through nonviolent direct action (Occupy, Black Lives Matter, Indigenous Sovereignty). These influences continue to shape an exploration of our animal warrior bodies evident in all our repertoire, including Precious Body, Jataka Fables and Sculpted Guardian Illumined. And with “Pathways to Reconciliation,” they deepen with our collective search to recover ancestral knowledge as inherently essential to changing behaviors to ones that support a livable earth.

what are your near Future individual art goals?

Develop Reconciliation

What you hope to get out of collective model idc offers?

establish In Divine Company as a functional working artists cooperative/ collective where we can support each other to through practices of mutual aid and interdependence so we may more sustainably achieve financial security and making sure we can do our dream work more regularly.

how might idc help you meet Liberation goals of your art making? what are the themes you are focussing on?

building infrastructure in collective for a contemporary temple or fringe genre is liberation! currently focussing on making art that help people face and work through their positionality to privilege in a more empowered and less fragile way.

what are your Current skills that you can offer?

my everything

three influential texts
I read a lot and have mostly been shaped by amazing philosophers (many of whom I argue with in my head)

three texts I am interpreting
The Buddha and his Dhamma – B.R. Ambedkar
Natya Sastra

three influential art movements/ artists,
Performance Art
Magical realism

three political movements/ thinkers/ influencers

Dalit women fight!
Black Lives Matter
Indigenous Sovereignty
Sex Workers Outreach Project

Franz Fanon
Walter Benjamin

current Bio

Founding choreographer at In Divine Company, activist and
experimental musical dance theater collective, Spring

In(ter)dependent culture worker at third eye fell.

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