People’s poet to King’s poet: a love letter

People’s poet to King’s poet: a love letter

Premiered a natok at United Colors of Burlesque’s Foklores (poem below)

It is in the interstitial spaces where I can really share my work

I am very grateful for some warm hearted hawk eyed lovers for seeing me through

Jolie la Vie not only cheers us but accommodates last minute changes because she believes in giving the best. It’s not respectability for her troupe. It’s allowing us to show our JOY our care our heart to people. She understands this means being fluid in order to be uncompromising.

Last night I was able to premiere “People’s Poet to King’s Poet – a love letter” alongside song-excerpts from “Adventures of the Lotus Brothers – an adaptation of a  genocidal folktale rooted in the moment Bengal was increasingly coming under control of empire” a musical I have been working on for three years.

Great costume and makeup support by Justin McIntosh – a comrade in performance production


O bard,

how sweetly you sing

how honeyed your words

spreading hate against those we’ve been groomed from birth to distrust

You are proud You are the king’s poet

You delight in making him laugh

It becomes self-loathing when he favors you but not your kin

Time and again you’ve seen him destroy your community

You convince yourself

(And he encourages it)

That they are somehow not as worthy as you

x Song: “Once upon a time”

you sell your gift for a chance at immortality

But in future’s light you will only have infamy

Your talent cannot be denied, no

But its purposes lay waste

A bad habit

Indeed it is

A learned one

You could have sung for your people

But instead you despise them

For you have learned to believe they are weak

x Song: “How mow kow”

I beseech you because I love you

I understand your power

And I’m using mine to demand you stop

Just stop

Singing? no

Only to reconsider the tales you spin

They could still sparkle in the heavens of peoples’ minds

they could lead us to freedom

why use them to urge us

to accept our suffering as inevitable – sacrifice?!

For glories rooted in death? false tales!

x Song: “Just absurd”

King’s poet

Don’t you see?

You’re no more than a puppet

as Disposable

With us

You have a chance

At truest immortality

celebrating the labor that cultivates a fuller Love

one that denounces destructive greedy nonsensical pathways

by imagining insisting building a world where every person flourishes in concert with all the beings that hold us together

silken tender ferocious full throated song

that is our love!

x Song: “You try kill our spirit”

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