Reconciliation, Pacing

Art is always important when the world is hurting, and especially the kind of art that draws people in and builds community. In Divine Company has been on partial hiatus for the past couple of years due to Pampi’s health, and as they are returning to wellness it’s important the Company reconvene as a vibrant and diverse group of artists.

As for the production itself, it’s larger and more complex than Pampi has been able to commit to until recently. They are excited at the prospect of finally seeing the seeds of the choreographies, costuming, and musical elements grow into their mature form.

For the past several years Pampi has been studying and practicing permaculture as a landscaper and developing a deepening connection with the land. Recently, they finally glimpsed that the practice of reciprocity with the land can model pathways to reconciliation. Audiences are more ready than ever to engage with indigenous and ancestral teachings and the harm empire cultures have had on our world. “Pathways to Reconciliation” will be a sensual exploration that helps us perceive acknowledge and make peace with our ancestors and friendships lost so we may move forward with less suffering.

“Dance keeps choosing me.” “Pathways to Reconciliation” is rooted in three years of sitting and quiet mediation as Pampi was recovering from chronic illness. They are excited they can move their bones and have the energy and spirit to embrace other lovely bodies in manifesting all that we have learned in relation to deeply showing up for our communities. Our career goal is to be a working artist at a co-op we help build. Our artistic goal is to continue culture work interdependently. Making dances is a practice of community building.

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