Reconciliation, Themes

Being rooted in the body and using that as a foundation for creating pathways to liberation. Balancing innovation and ancient arts and community practices. Intersectionality. Wellness. Indigenous sovereignty. Earth as mother, permaculture, and learning about the earth and how to care for it. Mourning practices and how to incorporate them as a tool of healing.

While these themes are intense and at times ambitious, we also see our art as play and have a light-hearted approach in engaging with the audience, especially in the moments of facilitation and between performances.

As a dance company, cooperation and shared leadership are key themes. Formalizing the company as a sustainable cooperative provides residencies and space to experiment — key themes for full-time artists that want to give back to the communities that support us. From large-scale public art installations that integrate new dance, media, and music, to focusing on an individual envisioning a world with liberation for all.

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