“Opening Venus” of Sculpted Guardian Illumined

ov_cOpening Guardian: Venus de Milo
From: Sculpted Guardian Illumined

Performer: Pampi
Sculptor: Iris Cutler

Left scrim: “temple sculpture and dance body” – video art by Pampi
Right scrim: “Snake ate the Moon”  – original video poem and narration by Pampi

Song Pampi dancing to: recording from Berklee lecture demo by Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, singing and playing mohan veena, accompanied by table player Amit Kavthekar

Tech: David Allen, Jeremy Stewart + Rose Maison

Notes: Next time I would keep still as Venus de Milo for duration of poem as a duration piece, thereby embodying the sculpture in such a way as to be truer to intention and allow the stillness to inform the dance that follows.

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