Testimonial from German, audience

Testimonial from German, audience

“I thin603518_10151305444479552_989964011_nk you work with fringe and ambiguity, dreams and symbolism that are not necessarily obvious but because of that are also more meaningful… Going deeper in the example, that night of your dance in Somerville, folks were seeing something nobody ever sees, all of what you did was unfamiliar, undefined and with a rhythm and pace to which we are not accustomed. And yet, did you notice this was the piece that drew the most attention of any of the ones presented, many of the type everyone is so familiar with?

There was something we experienced, both intimately and individually, as well as a group when we saw your performance. Why did that happened? I am not sure what I am saying really, but I know there was something different. Perhaps all of us are more drawn to fringe, dream and ambiguity than we are allowed to admit. I personally love it…. and most of the most important things in life don’t need to be explained. I could watch you dance forever.”

– German, Audience, July 2012

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