In Divine Company PAHTY & Fundraiser Mar 21 a success!

In Divine Company PAHTY & Fundraiser Mar 21 a success!

1458474_815148418499473_126811271_nWith everyone’s help, so far, we have raised $1675 out of 2K!!!

A big Thank You to our volunteers who made sure we had this wonderful space with our co-sponsors Community Church, people were taken care of, and there’d be video and photographic record! Paul, Umang, Kavita, Leonardo, Holly, Shawn, Ali – and In Divine Company dancers & musicians who graced us with their myriad talents: Gabriela, Melissa, Chloe, Akili, Jacob, Sundog, and Dey

988828_815576651789983_1422729374_nWe did it UP!

Creating a novel dance form involves developing movement, music and aesthetics
We Broke down the Dance-making Process throughout the evening: We Meditated on the Moon, engaged the temple Body in workshop, Enjoyed Temple Tapas & Libations, & Let loose!

14830_814102461937402_1500541012_n>> DETAILS from the event + VIDEO

>> Photos on Facebook by Kavita

>> The Original Invitation to PAHTY In Divine Company 😉

YH9A1350_e734354_815485341799114_654157529_nPhoto by Leonardo March

Thank you to our Generous Donors during this Campaign!

Bread & Butter
Jeremy B.
Mitsy C.
Suddhasattwa D.
Dey H.
Myriam H.
Juleen J.
Frances M.
Christine P.
Luis R.
Tianyu Z.

Safety Net
Hsiu C.
German B.
Alexis L.
Thomas P.

Kinship & Community
Holly C.
Saira B.

Chloe G.

Third Eye Opens
Afshan B.
George H.

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