To dance in fever is to dance our lives!

To dance in fever is to dance our lives!

“Sculpted Guardian Illumined” Reflection post-Illuminus

twitter_pageDear Team,

I’ve been in a shock of delirium so please forgive my silence. These past three weeks are a testament to laboring collaboratively to bring an idea forth – provocative and beautiful – to community. We challenged ourselves individually to root deeply and find the right word movement stroke and vision in this quest to find a most perfect expression – our individual truths coming together sweetly – in the moment – breathing life into a work in progress. Raw real and uncompromising. I thank you for taking my hand and walking, though briskly, thoughtfully intensely on this journey with me. It’s a testament to your individual and unique masterful talents and skills. It’s a testament to laboring in love and faith catalyzed by this amorphous compelling driving energy that moves us to create in the name of art making. It’s a testament to kindred spirithood.

In deepest gratitude
I find myself
In Divinest Company,
your Pampi

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