Tonight! “Petting ourselves into AbunDANCE” at Nonprofit Accountability Group

THIS EVENING AT 6 ~ super thrilled to be sharing ~ Join us

Today is Mental Health Day !@naghartford at last mental health day one of the mental health care practitioners mentioned they were struck by my practice of petting myself. Organizer and friend Tenaya @hartfordetc invited me to share it !

They write: “Come to Mental Health Hour tonight which will be facilitated by my dear dear friend Pampi. I’m gonna cry, it’s gonna be so good <3 You don’t have to participate either you can just come to watch and catch the vibe :)”

They believe in me so I will too 🙂

“Liberation is rooted in tenderness and affection for our own bodies
and for each other’s and for each other’s and for each other’s”

I am very pleased and honored to be invited to share some of the practices that involve the body that have been helpful to my healing

Many I am modifying so more people can feel comfortably trying

I have a practice for the times when someone complains about some pain to me; with invitation, I ask them some questions then make a video demonstrating some practices that may help relieve the pain

While I will never claim expertise, I have been a dancing body for nearly 40 years, so I have some level of comfort with body knowledge.

#meditativedancesong #diasporictransmission

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