“Venus Garden” of Sculpted Guardian Illumined

venusgardendeyGuardian: Venus de Milo
From Sculpted Guardian Illumined

Terina-Jasmine Alladin, concept + poem

Chien-hwe Carol Hong
Loreto Paz Ansaldo
Iris Cutler

Sculptor: Pampi

Left scrim:
video art by Rose Maison
Right scrim:
live shadow puppetry by Deymirie Hernández

Technical set-up:
David Allen
Jeremy Stewart

Illuminus Light Festival 2014
Boston, MA

Sculpted Guardian Illumined, In Divine Company

Through interactive movement, sound and projection, we deconstruct iconic sculptures – Michelangelo’s David, Rodin’s Kiss and the Venus de Milo – and ask: Who are our guardians? How do we bring forth our othered identities? How can we practice radical love? What does all this mean for our communities NOW – globally and in Boston?

In Divine Company is a Boston-based activist dance company with a contemporary temple dance aesthetic. IDC fuses temple dance with urban and abstract dance theater; deconstructs and collages
industrial, found sound and spoken word with the powerful rhythmic traditions of the Asian Diaspora; and experiments with new media technologies to create an invigorating blend of physically intense and politically astute performance work.


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